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Crealto is a creative and digital agency that harnesses culture to attract audiences

Crealto is redefining storytelling for an always-on world where brand experience flows through digital, retail, social, mobile and commerce as part of a single moment. We believe the best way for brands to have meaningful impact is to go after that moment – all at once.


Crealto is redefining storytelling for an always-on world where brand experience flows through digital, retail, social, mobile and commerce as part of a single moment. We believe the best way for brands to have meaningful impact is to go after that moment – all at once. We’re thinking about attraction, engagement and transaction – all at the same time and all in the same room.

Here, story lines become story systems. And these systems are rich in imagination, robust in technology and free from the channel-centric silos of days gone by.
Crealto is set up to make this possible in an agile, connected ecosystem of capabilities that help brands create meaningful impact in the world of a consumer. We’re an independent agency ecosystem of connected culture, thinking and capabilities among brands, products and services under a single approach we call StoryCrafting.


Quite simply, StoryCrafting is how we help our clients create experiences that tell their story in ever-present and never-ending ways. And every StoryCrafting has two major components. The first is an Idea. An Idea is not the same as a Big Idea. It’s an active statement that holds the story together and defines what a brand must do to change consumer behavior. It inspires the types of experiences that are created through StoryCraftings.


The second component is the Production. This is the glue that delivers the emotional and transactional experiences to the consumer – wherever they are and whenever they want. Building a Story requires understanding the experience space – which is way more than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and whatever else is hot right now. It’s about understanding how everything works together to impact perceptions, behaviors and the human context of brand interactions throughout the consumer journey. Most importantly, it involves shifting those behaviors as well as perceptions.


We’re built to tell brand stories. Our philosophy, culture and operational model allow us to create StoryCraftings that are never-ending for an always-on world. We like to say we always end with a comma. So you can continue the conversations that create a stronger brand-consumer connection. Our Brand Services are designed to create organizing ideas that inspire real change in consumer behavior, and bring these to life through StoryCraftings.


Agile, mobile, non-linear and empowered:
Connected consumers pose new challenges and unprecedented opportunity for our clients. This inspires the way we operate and approach possibilities. Because new ways of working are needed in a world that’s working in new ways. We’re pioneering these new ways – and we’re home to vast and unique capabilities, all connected to create the kind of multi-dimensional ideas that impact lives in a multi-dimensional environment.

We call this ConnectedThinking. And this type of thinking creates some real magic by bringing the right mix of minds, perspectives and ambition into the same room – all in service of an organizing idea that helps our clients and their consumers connect. ConnectedThinking is part of a cultural truth: none of us is as smart as all of us.

Invention isn’t an outcome, it’s a way of life.

We live in beta.

We ask our clients to be bold.
To be brave.
To create things worthy of attention.


StoryCrafting is how we help our clients create meaningful experiences that tell their story in ever-present ways – by marrying imagination with systems thinking. The power and intimacy of story is enabled through a vast interconnection of technologies and platforms that weave into the lives of connected consumers and make it ever-actionable – regardless of where or when a person comes in or out of it. Whether they’re experiencing it through advertising, social conversations or when clicking the buy button, StoryCrafting creates a ubiquitous presence for a brand’s story and promise in this always-on panorama of possibilities.

We believe in creating worlds, not just ads

Tell a great story and people will listen.

Let them live it and they’ll believe.

That’s the ambition of Crealto’s StoryCrafting.


Crealto is a content-first creative and digital agency with a proven ability to establish and guide long-term visions for both growing and global brands. We understand the increasing competition for people’s time and attention, and create experiences that matter to your brand as well as your stakeholders. We have capabilities that fit into a few neat categories but our people do not. Crealtor’s are “thinker-makers.” Our creatives, strategists, technologists and producers are hands-on from the moment of kickoff until an idea comes to life. Our nimble, specialized teams provide clients with creative quality, consistency and efficiency unique to Crealto. The following is a list of in-house capabilities:

A tale is a STATEMENT – A story is an ARGUMENT

To Tell a Tale, To Craft a Story

Powerful visuals + evoke emotions = Deeper engagement



Every brand wants to stand out from the crowd. The brands that do it consistently well know that surprise is key. That’s because people are wired to pay attention to surprising experiences. They act on the most primitive and emotional part of our brains — the same part stimulated by food and sex — and we can’t help but remember them. We do it by combining provocative insight, ingenious invention and daring storytelling to create work that never fails to surprise.


Your brand has to stand out to get noticed, but to take the next step it also needs to stand for something, something bigger than themselves. That’s because relationships are built on shared values, beliefs and preferences. It takes courage, but the rewards of unequivocally saying that this is what you stand for and this is what you can’t stand, are huge. It’s how to create authentic, emotional and sustainable connections with your audience.


The marriage of brand strategy and extraordinary activation creates great work. It’s as simple as that, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Creating surprising ideas, that align with the business goals of a brand and the personal aspirations of its audience, authentically and artistically, is beyond challenging. But when it’s done right, it’s powerful. It changes behaviour, turning ideas into movements. It transforms companies, turning products into phenomena. And it shapes culture, turning brands into icons.


The material world that surrounds us – the signs that direct us, the smartphone pages we flick through, the way we use buildings, how we move around cities – is consciously or unconsciously designed. Sometimes this has been done well, but frequently not, even though how things are designed can have significant implications for sustainability. We excel at finding the emotional core of a brand, the center of gravity that inspires great work and creates long-lasting relationships.